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ADK ETF will be listed on three African stock exchanges including NSE! In addition, it is listed on two exchanges!


This article translated what I wrote in japanese into English. Although it may be unclear by the expression of English, if you read this article you can grasp the image of ADK(Aidos Kuneen)

This time, we will deliver news that the ADK ETF is scheduled to be listed on two stock exchanges in addition to NSE, and has been listed on two exchanges.
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If you want to know the basics of ETF, please see the following two articles.
What are cryptocurrency and bitcoin ETF? Explanation of listed investment trust!Cryptocurrency has considerable hurdles to be approved as an ETF for financial products. However, ADK(Aidos Kuneen) may be the first to be approved beyond this hurdle before Bitcoin. I would like to focus on future Bitcoin / ADK ETF trends....
ADK becomes the first crypto currency ETF! ?ADK(Aidos kuneen) is scheduled to be listed on three African stock exchanges, including Kenya’s NSE (Nairobi Stock Exchange).Will ADK become the world’s first ETF among cryptocurrencies....


ADK ETF will be listed in 3 locations including NES

While waiting for the official announcement of the ADK ETF from NSE, new news came in!

Apart from NSE, ADK ETFs are scheduled to be listed on two African stock exchanges!

This is ADK … unpredictable.
When I was waiting to eat eel, the steak was carried! It ’s like that.

No, it ’s delicious! All will be delicious!

I’d like an eel for the time being!

This is Don ’s Twitter ↓

It was sudden news for us ADK holders, but ADK founder Don said, “Don has been working on the African stock exchange for over a year.”

By the way, the additional two stock exchanges are hidden because there is a possibility that someone will send an email and inconvenience the other party if it is announced at this stage The

ADK ETF Listing Flow
  1. Scheduled to be listed on three stock exchanges including NSE (Nairobi Stock Exchange)
  2. Aiming to be listed on the JSE (Johannesburg Stock Exchange)
  3. Aiming to be listed on the LSE (London Stock Exchange)
In other words, if all goes well, ADK ETF will be listed in 5 locations ♪
Yeah! But Don said the London Stock Exchange should take several years.
First of all, I want the world’s first crypto asset ETF to be realized as planned ♪

ADK ETF announcement method and timing

NSE (Nairobi Stock Exchange) says Don will announce on official Twitter.

It is also likely that the announcement will be made after the sandbox test is completed, that is, after approval from the CMA (Capital Markets Authority).

It is unclear how the other two African stock exchanges will be announced.

ADK ETF starts at $ 45

It is likely that designated participants and market makers will adjust the difference between the ADK spot price and the ETF price.

See the following article for details.

How to close the price difference between spot ADK and ETF
Explanation of arbitrators (market makers) and designated participants (AP) that fill the price gap in ADK ETFThere will be a price difference between the actual ADK and the ETF, but the price difference will be filled because designated participants (AP) will arbitrate using the price difference....

Initial sales number is 100,000

ADK 2.5 million copies will be locked by NSE as collateral, and the number of ADK ETFs sold will be 100,000.

Dong said, “The important thing is to keep demand higher by not over-selling.”

ADK listed on two exchanges!

ADK has been listed on two new exchanges! And both are in the top ten.

2 exchanges

Don will not give any ADK to the exchange! It is a stance.

Therefore, the transaction will not start unless the user first places an order on the board. Holders using exchanges other than Aidos Market can be expected to be minority.

However, once the ETF becomes official, it will be important to be able to buy and sell on many exchanges.

Still not reflected in CMC

CMC does not reflect ADK legitimate ranking.

The holder “@marutti_carrot” has sent a lip to CMC on Twitter ↓

The world’s first ETF is about to be realized, but it is unknown in the world

Because it is not listed on the CMC, it is an unknown ADK in the world. The holder is almost Korean or Japanese. I personally believe that as ETFs become official and ADK transaction volumes increase, CMC will be forced to post.


  • ADK ETF will be listed on three African stock exchanges including NSE
  • ADK ETF initial selling price is $ 45
  • Plan to sell 100,000 copies at first
  • Listed on CoinBene on September 24, 2019
  • Listed on CoinTiger on September 27, 2019
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