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【ADK News】 The EU bank name of ADK is Payrico and the location is Lithuania!


This article translated what I wrote in japanese into English. Although it may be unclear by the expression of English, if you read this article you can grasp the image of ADK(Aidos Kuneen)

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Introducing Payrico, an online bank established by the Crypto currency ADKIt is possible to open accounts from countries all over the world, and Payrico, which supports Crypto currencies, will be the world's first service once it starts operating...
This time, I would like to introduce ADK’s EU bank Payrico, the expansion into the Republic of Malawi, and the planned acquisition of a Dominica bank.
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What is the cryptocurrency ADK (Aidos Kuneen)? Complete explanation thoroughly!This article translated what I wrote in japanese into English. Altho...


ADK’s EU bank name is Payrico and location is Lithuania

It seems that Payrico, which will be established in Lithuania, will offer a savings account with an annual interest rate of 10%.

The annual interest rate of 10% is amazing ٩ (๑> ◡ <๑) ۶

And all of the following ADK banks will ask you to pay the account opening fee with ADK!

ADK Bank
  • “Sumac Bank” in Kenya
  • “Hakika Bank” in Tanzania
  • Bank of Uganda
  • “Badoer Capital” to be established in Dubai
  • “Payrico” in Lithuania

If you open an account by yourself, you will need an ADK equivalent to 300 $.

When the account opening starts, ADK will be purchased and paid from 10.2 million cards in the market, so the ADK in the market will decrease each time the account opening fee is collected.

The-ADK-is-paid-to-the-offshore-bank Reduce-the-number-of-ADKs-in-the-market

In other words, opening an account requires ADK payment, which leads to an increase in ADK price. Please refer to the following article for details.

Explanation of superiority and value seen from 25 million cryptocurrency ADK issuedADK has as few as 25 million sheets issued Account opening fees are purchased from the 10.2 million sheets distributed in the market and gathered for operation, so the ADK distributed in the market will decrease ADK ETF will be locked to 2.5 million sheets by NSE...

Approach to Malawi

ADK is now looking to the Republic of Malawi and seems to be ETF related.

The presidential candidate of the Republic of Malawi, Lazarus Chakwera, was scheduled to meet with ADK founder Don, but it has been postponed due to the influence of Covid.

ADK to acquire a Dominica bank! ?

On April 5, 2020, ADK’s investment firm Badoer Investments sent a tweet about the acquisition of a bank in Dominica.

I already have online banking and Swift code

Dominica banks already have online banking and are even more fully functional.

Furthermore, since it seems to have Swift code, I expect that it will be possible to get up and running in a short period of time if the acquisition is completed.

Swift code is a code (number) required for international money transfer approved by the International Standards Organization. When an offshore customer makes a bank account with online banking, they will send money internationally, so a Swift code is required.

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Updated on ADK official website

“Dominican Bank” has also been added to the ADK official website PROGRESS TIMELINE.

Dominican Bank

Do not cut salary even during lockdown

This is Don’s tweet that he will not cut salaries for employees even during lockdown. It’s really wonderful!

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