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Sumac Bank will launch online banking in December! Hakika Bank merges three banks!

This article translated what I wrote in japanese into English. Although it may be unclear by the expression of English, if you read this article you can grasp the image of ADK(Aidos Kuneen)

Hello, this is neokichi88.

Although the ETF has not been announced, the ADK project is steadily progressing.

Today we will introduce the latest three news!


Tanzania’s Hakika bank merges!

There was news about the merger with Mwanga Bank the other day, but another bank has increased. (November 12, 2019)

The new bank is EFC Tanzania Microfinance Bank Ltd.

In other words, three banks will be united!

There are press releases from each of the three banks.

The content of each press release is almost the same. The contents are introduced below.

Management is pleased to inform all Stakeholders that currently there is

a merger exercise going on between three banks i.e. Mwanga Community
Bank Ltd, EFC Tanzania Microfinance Bank Ltd and Hakika Microfinance
Bank Ltd. On completion of this exercise, proposed name of the merged
bank shall be informed in due course of time.

Uongozi una furaha kuwajulisha wadau wote kwamba kwa sasa kuna zoezi
linaendelea la kuunganisha benki tatu ambazo ni Mwanga Community Bank
Ltd, EFC Tanzania Microfinance Bank Ltd na Hakika Microfinance Bank Ltd.
Mara tu baada ya zoezi hili kukamilika jina litakalo pendekezwa la benki
mpya litatangazwa katika wakati husika

The merged bank name will be announced in the future. ADK’s offshore bank is working steadily to launch the main project ♪

Sumac Bank will launch online banking in December!

BUSINESS DAILY AFRICA has published an article on digital banking by Sumac Bank.

The content of the article is as follows.

  • Sumac Bank plans to operate digital banking (online banking) in December.
  • I’m testing now.
  • That you can trade for 24 hours.

Past News of Online Banking

There was news from Sumac Bank that online banking will start on May 20, 2019.

Online Banking

Click here for Sumac article → Sumac Microfinance Bank to roll out digital banking

About half a year has passed since this article. You can see that it ’s progressing steadily.

About online banking

Online banking, scheduled for December, will be for Kenyans. In other words, there is no ADK payment as an account opening fee.

It is likely that non-resident services will be launched after the online banking for Kenyans starts.

This service for non-residents is the so-called ADK offshore bank. An account opening fee is paid by ADK payment to open an account here.

If ADK were to be paid with an account opening fee, the price would go up. Please refer to the following article for details.

Explanation of superiority and value seen from 25 million cryptocurrency ADK issuedADK has as few as 25 million sheets issued Account opening fees are purchased from the 10.2 million sheets distributed in the market and gathered for operation, so the ADK distributed in the market will decrease ADK ETF will be locked to 2.5 million sheets by NSE...

In the current articles and news, the word “ADK” does not appear at all, but step by step it starts with online banking for Kenyans!

Sumac Bank THIKA branch opened!

THIKA branch opened on November 14, 2019.

You can see that the bank itself is steadily expanding its business ♪


Finally, we summarize the contents.

  • Tanzania’s Hakika bank merges!
  • Merged three banks: Mwanga Community Bank Ltd, EFC Tanzania Microfinance Bank Ltd, and Hakika Microfinance Bank Ltd
  • Sumac Bank will launch online banking in December!
  • Sumac Bank opens THIKA branch on November 14, 2019!

You are steadily moving towards ADK Offshore Bank!

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